Psychological mind game-based side-scroll shooter utterly different from a conventional shooter Dead Cide Club Recruiting Global CBT Participants by April 22

  • CBT, which global users will experience and check game ability in advance, will be held from the 23rd to the 25th Applications can be made on Deadside Club's official site and on Steam Mad Movie, which showed user reactions and in-game scenes for the first time, will be released You can see the characteristics of a side-scroll shooter based on a fierce psychological mind game

    April 14, 2022 (Thu) – The following new Dead Cide Club, which is being developed by PressA (CEO Jung Hyuk), a subsidiary of Devsisters Co., Ltd. (co-CEO Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-heun), will run a global CBT (non-public demonstration test) from the 23rd to the 25th and recruit CBT participants from the 14th.

    CBT participants will be recruited until 2 pm on the 22nd. Users who want to participate can visit the "CBT Recruitment" page on the Dead Cide Club's official website or apply through the Dead Cide Club's store page on the Steam.

    There is also a hashtag event for CBT participants on social media. It will draw 100 participants who post videos played directly with hashtags (#DCCMoment) on their accounts and provide an opportunity to participate in the second CBT.

    Dead Cide Club, which first appeared in Devsisters' online showcase "DevNow," is a fierce psychological mind game based side-scroll gun shooting game in a breathtaking battle in a building in the city centre. Starting in the middle of this year, it plans global services through PC and console platforms.

    Meanwhile, Dead Cide Club introduced Mad Movie, which contains scenes of users playing games themselves and explosive reactions. Global users who experienced side scroll play, fast and dynamic shooting action, Beholder mode that allows them to design their own game rules, and visuals that embody street art shortly at the Secret Invitation event before appearing for the first time in the DevNow showcase, also left a favourable impression on Dead Cide Club's discriminatory gun shooting.

  • Mad Movie, which first showed vivid user reactions and actual gameplay scenes of Dead Cide Club, can be watched on the official YouTube of Dead Cide Club(

    You can find more information on Dead Cide Club and Global CBT on the official site ( and on Twitter in Korea(