DEAD CIDE CLUB Operating Policy

Date of Enforcement: February 27, 2023
1. General Provisions
This operating policy is designed to supplement the terms of use for the customer's use of DEAD CIDE CLUB (hereinafter referred to as the "Game") provided by Press A Corp. (herinafter referred to as the “Company”) and to establish general operational principles, such as sanctions against the customer's breach of duty and to respond quickly and consistently to possible problems during service.
In principle, matters not stated explicitly in this operating policy will be handled per the Terms of Use and the laws of the Republic of Korea.
2. Changes in the Operating Policy
1) If the Company changes this operating policy to provide smooth game service, the application date, amendment content, and reason for amendment will be notified within the game service or through the connection screen at least seven days before the application date. However, if the changed content is unfavorable to the member or is a significant change, it will be notified in the same way as in the text until 30 days before the effective date. In this case, the contents are compared and displayed before and after the revision so members can easily understand them.
2) Despite the Company announcing the changes in the operating policy, we will not be able to provide assistance if the customer's negligence causes problems.
3. The Obligation and Responsibilities of the Company
1) The Company strives to eradicate cheating specified in this operating policy and does its best to ensure that customers have a smooth gaming experience.
2) The Company does not ask for the customer's account and password and does its best to protect and manage private information. However, if a government or judicial agency requests personal information through due process, it may be provided to the relevant agency.
3) The Company receives reports on all forms of bugs and errors that occur to customers through the game's official customer center and community, and we do our best to identify and correct them quickly.
4) In principle, the Company does not intervene or become involved in regular activities or disputes between customers concerning game services.
5) The Company may restrict some or all of the game services if it is determined that an abnormal or unintended development causes a significant impediment.
6) If the Company judges that the behavior of a specific customer or group interferes with the provision of smooth service or violates the operating policy, the Company may restrict the use of services of the particular customer or group per the "Sanction Standards for Cheating" stipulated in this operating policy.
5. Obligations and Rights of Customers
1) Customers can selectively use game services as long as they do not violate related laws or this operating policy.
2) If a customer has been unfairly treated or suffered damage while using the service, they can file an objection and request correction from the Company through legitimate procedures. If unfairly treated or harmed by other customers, they have the right to notify the Company and request the enforcement of this policy to other customers.
3) Customers can make inquiries, suggestions, and requests related to the services through the Company's homepage, game community, and other community channels officially recognized by the company. The Company promises to assist as quickly as possible with customer inquiries. However, response or processing may be delayed due to workload.
4) Customers must comply with the Company's terms of use and operating policy. If the customer violates them, they may be deemed responsible for the damages and consequences.
5) The Company owns all rights to the information (characters, items, in-game currency, etc.) generated while the customer uses the game service and is given the right to use the information.
6) Customers cannot engage in any commercial activity using the game service without prior consent from the Company.
7) Customers cannot copy, reproduce, change, translate, publish or otherwise use the information obtained by the game service or provide it to others without prior consent from the Company.
8) Customers may receive penalties if they confuse other customers by disseminating false information that the Company has yet to announce officially.
9) Customers must inform the Company when a vulnerability (bug, system error, illegal program, and more) of the game service is found or occurs and must not abuse it or spread it to other customers. Even after discovering a vulnerability, if it is used or passed on to others without notifying the Company, it will be considered an intentional act of cheating. According to this operating policy, the customer may be restricted from using the game services.
6. Policies on Cheating
To provide a fair and smooth game environment to all customers, the Company has stipulated matters that customers must comply with while using the game.
All customers using the game must abide by the following regulations.
1) Prohibition of using unauthorized programs and hardware devices In the case of using an unauthorized program not recognized by the Company (or not permitted by the Company) or a hardware device (all hardware such as a mouse, hereinafter collectively referred to as "unauthorized hardware") that can gain an unfair advantage or hinder fair play within the game, the customer may be subject to powerful sanctions, such as permanent restrictions from using the game and service use restrictions on the corresponding hardware device. The Company may investigate the use of unauthorized programs and hardware to create a fair gaming environment, and gameplay may be restricted during the investigation. In the case of developing, advertising, trading or distributing unauthorized programs and hardware, the customer may be subject to in-game sanctions and be referred to the judicial authorities for investigation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
2) Prohibition of unauthorized changes to client, server, data (such as packets), etc. Unauthorized changes to game clients (such as file manipulation), servers, and data (such as packets) are an act of attacking the game services and are subject to penalty as an act in violation of copyright laws.
3) Prohibition of exploiting vulnerabilities (bugs and system) The customer must notify the Company when a vulnerability in the service (bug, system error, account theft, illegal programs, etc.) is discovered or occurs and must not abuse or spread to other customers. If those mentioned above are misused or passed on to others without notifying the Company, it is deemed unsound and may lead to restrictions and be subject to legal action according to policy. The customer may be punished under relevant laws.
4) Prohibition of using inappropriate language such as profanity, insults, verbal violence, etc. Actions that cause discomfort to other customers or provide negative perceptions will be subject to penalty. Inappropriate language includes, but is not limited to:

‑ The use of profanity, slang, etc

‑ Expressions or actions that can cause shame or disgust through obscene words or sexual descriptions.

‑ Belittling, ridiculing or criticizing a specific region, religion, race, disability, etc.

‑ Threats, expressions or behavior that cause others to feel fear.

‑ Causing discomfort or disgust to the other party by expressing or communicating in manners prohibited in other terms and conditions.

5) Prohibition of attempted cash transactions Attempting to trade in cash is subject to penalty. These include the following actions: Using nicknames or custom game names with the intent to trade cash/objects, attempting to sell accounts or the act of advertising such activities, and the action of intending or dealing in cash/objects speculatively.
6) Prohibition of promotion and advertising Promoting and advertising content unrelated to the Company and its games will be penalized. Promotion and advertising includes all for-profit, marketing, and publicity-related activities that use the game service for advertising purposes other than its original purposes.
7) Prohibition of teaming Organizing teams in a way not officially recognized by the game (or not created by the game system), violating the rules, will be penalized. Repeatedly or intentionally forming teams with users who use unauthorized programs to gain in-game advantages may be considered an abnormal team composition and be penalized.
8) Prohibition of interfering with game use and stalking The act of continuously following and attacking to interfere with other customers' gameplay will be penalized based on clear grounds.
9) Prohibition of leaking personal information Violating an individual's privacy by leaking other customers' personal information, including providing personal information to a third party or posting it where multiple customers can see it, will be penalized.
10) Prohibition of abusing Manipulating match results through unfair methods, such as customers using additional accounts other than their own or taking an unfair advantage in exchange for cash or tangible goods/services under a mutual agreement with a specific customer, will be penalized. All character data including items and season rewards will be taken away.
11) Prohibition of stealing other people's accounts We may impose account restrictions to protect information when we detect an attempt to access accounts belonging to someone else.
12) Prohibition of account trading and sale Any act of trading or selling accounts or game data belonging to someone else without the Company's written consent will be penalized.
13) Prohibition of intentional absence Staying idle, which penalizes team members, or earning goods and game points by not doing anything throughout the game or for certain periods, is considered unfair. These actions are subject to penalty, and all character data will be taken away, including items and season rewards.
14) Prohibition of disrupting operations Acts that interfere with the Company's regular game operation, such as spreading false information, abusing the customer center window, impersonating employees, and promoting, may be subject to permanent suspension, depending on the severity.
15) Prohibition of irregular gameplay The Company may impose penalties on an account to create a fair gaming environment if irregular gameplay patterns are detected.
16) Prohibition of other undefined forms of cheating We will carefully review the situation and take action on activities not defined in this operating policy that interfere with smooth service delivery or negatively affect customers, such as acts that violate the laws of the Republic of Korea, account sharing, account transactions, false reporting, spreading of false facts, promoting, and advertising.
7. Authority, Duty, and Role of the Management Team
1) The Company operates communities (chatting, message boards, etc.) and community sites (Steam communities, social networks, etc.) to exchange various information customers need to use the service, daily conversations, and sharing opinions on the Company and services. Based on this principle, the Company will do its best to create a healthy community and provide stable services. However, the Company is not responsible for any data loss caused by accidents, natural disasters or other technical problems.
2) The management team may request a warning or specific action from customers or groups if they believe that activities to provide services are necessary due to situations not specified in this policy or may take measures such as termination of forced access or restriction of use.
3) The management team may limit parts or the entirety of the services if they believe that abnormal or unintentional activity, either internal or external, may cause impediments or interfere with the provision of services.
4) The management team receives reports on all types of bugs and errors that occur to customers through the customer center and community sites and is obliged to check and request corrections promptly.
5) The management team protects customers' personal information per relevant laws and regulations. The management team does not modify, leak or disseminate a customer's personal information without the customer's consent. However, if a government or judicial agency requests the provision of personal information through due process, personal information may be provided to the corresponding agency.
6) The management team only presents opinions on the purpose or progress of the game within the service or community other than officially announcing game-related matters through game guides and notices.
7) In principle, the management team does not intervene in the activities or disputes of customers within the service or community. However, it is possible to partially intervene or mediate by determining the seriousness of the problem or the degree of adverse impact on many users.
8) The management team may take various measures against the service use of a specific customer or group per this operating policy if it is determined that the behavior of a particular customer or group interferes with smooth service provision or violates the operating policy.
9) The Company may move or delete posts or comments that do not fit the nature of the community message board. Posts or comments that infringe on the rights of others or are inappropriate or disrespectful to manners may be deleted without prior notice, and the creator may be subject to restrictions.
8. Standards of Sanctions for Cheating
1) Sanction standards are enforced to protect the smooth gameplay of customers.
2) In the case of cheating as specified in this operating policy, players may be restricted from using the service without prior notice according to the sanctions standards.
3) A permanent ban is enforced for violations beyond the third offense.
4) If you are sanctioned for cheating, you may be temporarily or permanently excluded from being displayed on leaderboards.
[Standards of Sanctions for Cheating]
Type Details Restriction Duration
1st 2nd 3nd
Use of inappropriate language such as profanity, insults, verbal violence, etc. Slandering another person (or a specific group) or making abusive or physically degrading remarks to others 1-Day 7-Day 30-Day
Interfering with other members' game use by repeatedly posting the same or similar content
Suggesting sexual content or making others feel sexually ashamed
Slandering a specific person or an unspecified number of people with abusive language that insults their family
Inconveniencing others by deviating from common norms
Using a nickname that corresponds to the above 1-Day 7-Day 30-Day
Interfering with game progress Intentionally helping the opposing team 1-Day 7-Day 30-Day
Stalking, deserting or intentionally staying idle
Irregularly forming a team and acting in violation of the rules of the game
Interfering with game operation Impersonating an operator or Company official Permanent Ban
Distributing false information or distributing confidential information that has not been announced to obtain unfair benefits Causing confusion or harm to others Warning 15-Day Permanent Ban
Making inquiries using slanderous or abusive language (sexual harassment) 1-Day
Interrupting inquiries by answering with continuous abusive language
Submitting inquiries about matters unrelated to the game, containing only abusive language
Committing fraud Various fraudulent acts, such as deceiving other members to obtain unfair benefits and causing damage to other members 1-Day Permanent Ban
Committing fraud by using a nickname that can be confused with a specific user
Abuse of system errors or bugs Distributing a method of profiting in an irregular way without recognizing that it is a bug Warning 1-Day 3-Day
Causing minor adverse effects in the game, such as goods and experience points, continuously and repeatedly through a specific method in the game
Significantly affecting the system, service or game environment by repeatedly exploiting a bug in the service even after recognizing it as a service bug or after receiving a warning Permanent Ban
Cash transactions and commercial advertising Attempting to trade in-game content (items/game money, etc.) for cash or objects Attempting to arrange a transaction Permanent Ban
Trading game accounts and in-game content (items/game money, etc.) for cash/objects or arranging transactions
Conducting commercial advertisements for personal gain unrelated to the Company
Use and distribution of unauthorized programs Producing, advertising or trading unauthorized programs that are not recognized by the Company Permanent Ban
Spreading or distributing unauthorized programs that are not recognized by the Company to other members.
Unauthorized modification of client/server/data (packets, etc.)
Account and payment theft Leaking or stealing personal information (name, address, affiliation, phone number, IP, etc.) or payment information of other members Permanent Ban
Unauthorized access to other members' accounts and helping or profiting from them
Unauthorized access to another member’s account (ID) Similar activities that cause mental/material damage to the owner of the account (ID)
Abuse of all other processes related to Company and third party platforms Taking unfair advantage by exploiting all processes related to membership registration, game use, payment, payment cancellation, etc.
provided by the Company and third-party platforms (in the case all unfair profits can be recovered).
Permanent Ban
Taking unfair advantage by exploiting all processes related to membership registration, game use, payment, payment cancellation, etc.
provided by the Company and third-party platforms (in the case the unfair profits are already exhausted and cannot be recovered)
Propagating/distributing methods of abusing the overall process of a third-party platform within the game or through official community sites
5) Abuse of service vulnerabilities (bugs and systems) is defined as an act that can break the game balance by taking unfair advantage of goods (season coins/items, etc.) by abusing errors in the game. Depending on the severity, strong penalties, such as permanent suspension, may apply.
6) In principle, the Company considers the sanction period specified in the "Table of Sanctions for Misconduct" as the highest level of sanctions, but a higher or lower level of sanctions may be applied depending on the seriousness of the violation. (Example: If cheating is repeatedly confirmed, or two or more cheating acts are confirmed simultaneously, a higher level of sanctions or permanent suspension may be applied.)
7) To protect the game use of good customers, game execution can be restricted on hardware devices where cheating has occurred.
8) Character information such as season coins and items acquired through cheating may be deleted, and depending on the severity of the case, the account may also be deleted.
9) If a player is subject to restrictions according to the operating policy, they can file an objection through an inquiry with the customer center. Complaints can be filed within 14 days from the restriction's application date.
10) If a customer violates the criteria specified in the operating policy, the Company may take action without prior notice, depending on the importance and urgency of the matter.
9. Custom Game Mode (God Mode) Policy
There is a custom game mode within the game where players can set various game options. The Company may grant the right to create a custom game mode for only a limited number of people to provide various game services such as event utilization and marketing.
10. Right to Modify the Services
1) The Company may modify all or part of the service after prior notice if necessary for the operation or technology of the service, such as new game content or various bug patches. However, if there are unavoidable reasons, it may be announced later.
2) The customer cannot claim damages other than damages incurred due to the inability to use paid services due to service changes. In particular, the Company is not liable for damages caused by loss of expected profits from service use and benefits not directly provided by the Company.
11. Restoration Policy
We cannot assist with losses caused by a customer's intentional negligence or failure to understand other game systems, contents specified in operating policies, notices in games, and notices on the homepage.
12. Club Cash Policies
"Club Cash" is an in-game currency used to purchase products provided by the Company.
1) "Paid Club Cash" refers to Club Cash purchased through payment or a bundle product that includes Club Cash, and subscription can be withdrawn in accordance with Paragraph 7 of this Article.
2) "Free Club Cash" refers to Club Cash acquired through in-game events, season passes, and others without purchase through payment. Free Club Cash is non-refundable and non-cancellable.
3) Club Cash replenishment is carried out through a third-party payment service provider, and Club Cash can be replenished in units set by the Company.
4) In-game product purchases can be made within the limit of your Club Cash and are deducted immediately upon purchase.
5) Paid Club Cash is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.
6) The Free Club Cash is valid for three months from the date of purchase, but it can be changed at the Company's discretion.
7) Subscription withdrawal for Paid Club Cash is applied according to the Terms of Use, and subscription withdrawal is not possible for Free Club Cash. For products purchased with Paid or Free Club Cash, you can request to cancel the purchase within seven days if unused. However, if a member falls under the following subparagraphs, subscription withdrawal and purchase cancellation restrictions may occur.

① In the case the use of the account is suspended due to violation of the Company's terms and conditions, such as the terms of service and operating policy, including cheating that seriously affects the game.

② In the case the Company's terms and conditions, such as service terms, operating policy or individual purchase conditions, stipulate that refunds are impossible.

③ In the case of Club Cash received through event participation or winning.

8) Use or fraudulent acquisition of counterfeited, falsified or stolen Club Cash will be penalized.
9) When spending Club Cash, Paid Club Cash will be consumed before Free Club Cash.
This Agreement is composed in Korean and English. In the event of any difficulties of interpretation or linguistic discrepancies between the two versions of the Agreement, the Korean version shall always prevail.
ⓒ Press A Corp. All Rights Reserved.